A design tailored for the Vehicle Building Industry

When one of the major motor manufacturers established that the oil level in their engines leaving the production line was inconsistent, they approached PSL as a reliable and innovative partner to help solve the problem.

Due to manufacturing variances in engine components, simply filling the engines with an accurately measured quantity of oil was not enough! For an engine to operate as designed the oil LEVEL is the most important factor. PSL developed a pair of lineside machines, the first of which injected a sensing probe into the dipstick opening of the pre-filled engine to establish the oil level. This level combined with the engine type, read from the engine identification tag, is used to perform an integration the result of which gives the precise amount of oil required to bring the engine level to its exact design specification. The quantity of oil needed is passed to a PSL designed filler further down the line that automatically adds the calculated amount of oil to the engine.